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Summer Style Inspiration: Color Blocking

“I’m probably the most misunderstood mother in America.”

—   Dina Lohan
Constant reminder

“This is a guy who fucking went from being the youngest underdog in his crew to saving his company, and saving his “Daddy.” I’m not a fucking Lil Wayne dickrider—I’m just speaking facts.”

—   A$AP Rocky in Complex magazine interview. 

“Well, a bear can juggle and stand on a ball and he’s talented, but he’s not famous. Do you know what I mean?”

—   Kim Kardashian

“I don’t think they really listen to Nicki Minaj that much.”

—   President Barack Obama

“I didn’t realize it (the weight) didn’t all come off with the baby.”

“Playboy would NEVER take her…nobody wants to see that anyway." "She doesn’t meet the standards of a Playboy model…she looks too enhanced.”

“And somewhere, Jen is sitting back and adjusting the discount blue contacts she brought from the swap meet while saying to the air, “I guess this is the life I ain’t about.””

—’s recap of Jennifer Williams’s reaction to Evelyn Lozada filing for divorce from Chad Johnson

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